Dr Christiane Remke

After studying medicine and obtaining a PhD in Germany, Christiane completed her training in paediatrics and paediatric allergy at the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne before moving to Perth in 2006. Since then she has been employed as a specialist paediatrician at Princess Margaret Hospital and has commenced private practice in 2011.

As well as having extensive clinical experience in all aspects of allergic diseases in children, Christiane has a strong interest in nutritional medicine and disease prevention through healthy nutrition. She has presented on food allergy and intolerance in children, immunotherapy / desensitisation as well as nutritional requirements for optimal growth and development for all children. Christiane enables parents to be confident in providing safe and healthy nutrition for their children suffering from allergic diseases and intolerances. Christiane practises at Perth Allergy but is also able to provide teleconference consultation to country patients.